5 African Countries with Digital Nomad Visas – Requirements & Application Process

A Digital nomad visa is also called as freelancer or remote visa. It is basically a Remote Work visa that allows a person to work and live in some foreign country as a temporary resident without applying for immigration. The persons are allowed to live in Nomad visa countries as self-employed or freelancers but are restricted to apply for some other local job during their stay in the host country.

All Digital Nomad visa countries offer different Visa requirements and have set their own regulations to get the Remote Work visa. Just like other countries offering nomad visa, there is a certain criteria for Africa Digital nomad visa as well. Currently there are just five countries in Africa which are offering Remote Work visa for the people across the globe. These are Namibia, South Africa, Cape Verde, Mauritius and Seychelles.

As a general rule to apply for Africa Digital nomad visa, just like other Nomad visa countries, you must have a valid passport according the Visa requirements, a proof that you are getting income from abroad or a proof of a job you are doing remotely. You will also be required to show receipts and bank statements to prove that you can support yourself and your family financially during your stay in the host country as a digital nomad.

Following are the countries in Africa offering Digital nomad visa:

1. Mauritius

If you are a nature lover, this country is the one you are looking for. Getting Remote Work visa or a Tourist visa of Mauritius allows you to explore its beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife. Its capital is Port Louis which is one of its kinds. The life her is contemporary but you can also finds the tough of rich cultures and traditions here. Exploring this country after getting a Digital nomad visa is really something you must be searching for.


  • As compared to other Nomad visa countries comprising of island, this country is safe to live. Crime rate is very low and the only problem you may face is the petty theft.
  • It offers you quite a relaxed lifestyle especially for your kids who will get the opportunity of learning different languages.
  • There will be so many outdoor activities you can enjoy including hiking, boating or biking.
  • The visa here is for an year and after that you will apply for its renewal.
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You will get most of the products that are imported. So, choice of different things would get minimized.

Who can apply?

People of almost all the countries can apply for premium nomad visa or a Tourist visa of this country. All you need is to give them the guarantee of not to enter in some other labor market and your source of income is from outside the host country.

Application process

The application process is not that complex. Here is what you are required to do:

  • Go for pre-booking your flight.
  • Fill out the Africa nomad visa form available online.
  • Get your visa easily via email.
  • Make a booking for your accommodation.
  • Take a flight to Mauritius.

2. Cape Verde

This beautiful country will offer you some spectacular beaches with a rich culture and diversified traditions. It has got a rich heritage of literature, arts and music. Being an ancient colony of Portugal, it wonderfully combines the legacy of Africa and Portugal. You can have a journey full of culture, relaxation and adventure while staying in this country after getting your Remote Work visa.


  • There are countless living options in its capital Praia.
  • You can enjoy a rich cultural diversity and multi-lingual community.
  • There is no need of paying income tax while you are residing here on Digital nomad visa.
  • Easy Visa requirements and low visa fees also makes its affordable to live in.


  • Unemployment rate is very high here due to which level of criminality here is very high.
  • Most of the products of daily use are imported so they have got the high prices.

The Remote Work visa program on Cape Verde allows to stay here as a digital nomad for six months. After that the Digital nomad visa will require a renewal.

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Following are the easy Visa requirements to visit Cape Verde:

  • A six months valid passport
  • Proof of your remote income
  • Receipts or bank statements
  • Digital nomad visa application form
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Police verification certificate

How to apply?

Application process is very simple. All you need to apply online, fill out the form, attach the required documents mentioned above and wait for at least 2 weeks for your Remote Work visa to process. After entering the country, you will get your Remote Work visa within a month.

3. Seychelles

This African island is well-known for its spectacular white sand beaches. It is known as one of the most beautiful island of the world. Getting an Africa Digital nomad visa and moving to this island is a wish all of us want to be fulfilled.


  • The weather here is so soothing especially from May till October.
  • Finding accommodation here is not so difficult. The cost of living is low too.
  • You can easily afford local transport or can easily own your own car.
  • You don’t need to pay income tax at any level.
  • The Remote Work visa fee is quite affordable.


  • From November to April, you fill find quite a humid and hot weather here.
  • You may find so many dangerous and wild animals roaming here and there.

Visa requirements

All you need is to give a proof that you are self-employed or are working for a client abroad and a valid passport. Proof of your monthly minimum income is also required and you are all done.

The Digital nomad visa application fee is just €45. The visa is valid for an year after that it will require a renewal.

4. South Africa

South Africa is the latest country added in the list of countries offering Africa Digital nomad visa. Currently it has not started issuing Remote Work visa but the process is going to be launched soon. The country is known for its diversified culture, magnificent sceneries and unique wildlife. If you want to live a contemporary life indulged in rich traditions, here is the country to look at.

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  • Although the details are still unknown, but a low living cost is expected here for the digital nomads.
  • The diversified culture will attract people of all nationalities.


  • Taxes here are bit higher.
  • It is almost impossible to get your own accommodation here.

Visa requirements

Just like other Nomad visa countries, Remote Work visa of South Africa can be availed by having a valid passport, a proof of foreign income, bank statements and a proof of pre-booked accommodation. The minimum required monthly income is still unknown. We will update you as soon as the details are disclosed.

The visa is expected to be valid for three to twelve months after which it will require a renewal.

5. Namibia

Namibia is just another addition to the list of Africa Digital Nomad visa countries. This small country is living a contemporary life with its magnificent landscapes and diversified ethnicities.


  • Road infrastructure is up to the mark.
  • The required minimum income level is just $1500.
  • The landscapes are spectacular that you would definitely love.


Cost of living is a bit high.

Visa requirements

Requirements for getting Digital nomad visa in Namibia include a valid passport, a documented proof of minimum income, and proof of already booked accommodation in the country.

The details about visa validity are yet to come. So stay tuned!

Now as you know all about Africa Digital Nomad visa countries, it is the time to take the next step. Out of all the countries mentioned above, look out for the one you find suitable for you, note down the Visa requirements, pile up the required documents and apply for the Digital nomad visa at once. We suggest you to complete the required tasks as soon as possible and move to your favorite country offering Remote Work visa.

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