Top 10 Best Recruitment Agencies in Tanzania

Recruitment agencies recruit employees for the employer. There are quite a few recruitment agencies in Tanzania which are reliable and helpful for anyone who is looking for a job in Tanzania.

As there are more and more applicants for jobs in every field and every company, the HR departments of most of these companies have given their responsibilities to the Recruitment Agencies to filter out qualified applicants and find a suitable employee for the employer and vice versa. For all sorts of different fields there are different and specific recruitment agencies.

Why look for a Recruitment Agency?

As discussed earlier, recruiting employees is a very difficult task and a lot of work goes in recruiting the perfect employee for the specific job. This is where recruitment agencies come into play.

You can not directly apply for a job in many companies as they have recruitment agencies doing this recruitment work for them. That’s why you need to know about the reliable and your field specific recruitment agencies for you to be able to find your dream job.

We have shortlisted 10 top recruitment agencies which are working in Tanzania and will make your job search easier.

1. Epvate and Fortune International Consulting (EFIC)

EFIC is a well known management consulting and recruitment agency working in many countries in Africa including Tanzania. It provides professional services in digital, strategy, operations, human capital and project outsourcing. Its services also include training and facilitation of new employees.

2. Kaparama Professional Recruiters

KP recruiters is a recruiting company which deals with recruitment in a number of different fields including Telecom industry, Finance and banking, Insurance, Oil and Gas industry, Manufacturing and technology industry, logistics, Automotive industry and Agriculture industry.

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If you are looking for a job in Tanzania in any of the relevant departments you should definitely reach out to KP Ltd. What makes KP unique from other recruitment agencies is that it deals with all sorts of employees and employers and it provides all sorts of jobs permanent, temporary, small scale or large scale.

3. EroLink- Recruitment specialist

EroLink is one of the most well reputed recruitment companies in Tanzania. Its services include education, recruitment and outsourcing. It has been working in Tanzania since 2003 making it one of the first recruitment agencies in the country. It is considered as the pioneer of outsourcing employees in Tanzania.

4. PATS consulting group limited

PATS consulting group provides its services to corporate companies who need assistance in their HR department. It also provides additional training and consultancy services for new employees and its clients.

Their training courses include leadership management, communication skills and personal effectiveness, Sales and project management and customer service. It’s headquarter is located in Dar Es Salam.

5. NFT Consult

NFT Consult recruitment agency offers staff recruitment, manpower outsourcing, HR process outsourcing, Training and talent development and Executive search. It has been operating since 2005 and it has been helping many big and small companies in their recruitment process and employee training. It operates in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Zambia and Tanzania.

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6. Shugulika Africa Limited

Shugulika is also an HR consultant recruitment company. It has a great reputation of being one of the top recruitment agencies in Tanzania. It has more than 10 years of experience in the recruitment industry, their prime focus is on recruitment.

They have recruited many professionals in different fields and provided them with a variety of roles according to their personal capabilities and the companies’ needs. They have a well established linkedin account as well as twitter and instagram. So, you can reach them out easily and see what they have to offer.

7. Anzimag recruitment consultancy

Anzimag is an international website with a lot to offer from job information to career counseling. Its website that works in finding jobs in Tanzania is

If you are looking for jobs in Tanzania you should regularly visit their website to see if there’s any new job which requires your services. They regularly update their website with new jobs in different fields. They cover both the private jobs and the government sector jobs.

8. Exact Manpower Consulting Ltd

Exact Manpower Management is an HR consultancy that provides recruitment services as well. It is located in Dar Es Salam. They have a great reputation of satisfying their clients. They help many companies in their HR departments making growth in other departments easier for the company’s management.

They completely take the responsibility of the HR department and so far they have always satisfied their clients with more than 10 years of experience. EMC is one of the most reliable recruitment agencies. The unique thing about them is that they work in a very client specific way and find employees who are a perfect fit for the company.

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9. CV people Tanzania

This recruitment agency works in the area of employer branding and Executive search. They emphasize a lot on diversity and innovation and their reputation in the Female leadership executive search shows that they have been living up to what they say.

They have more than 8 years of experience in finding the right fit employees. They provide their recruitment services mainly in the NGO, Telecom and banking sectors. This agency also helps companies and organizations to recruit and identify their leaders and board of directors who can effectively lead the company in this digital market of today.

10. Vipawaworks

Vipawaworks distinguishes itself from other job websites in Tanzania because it is the number one job site in Tanzania according to a local survey. They provide solutions for HR departments and career counseling.

They make the employer’s job easy by making the whole employment process effective, fast and cost efficient. Vipawaworks only works in East Africa and that is why they have a thorough understanding of the region which makes the recruitment process more effective.

They provide their services online in all sorts of fields including even freelancing. If you are looking for jobs in tanzania Vipawaworks would definitely be a good site to visit.

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