7 Best International Jobs in Africa for US citizens

Africa has a lot of potential jobs for individuals from overseas. After all, it is the second-largest continent. For a US citizen, finding a job in Africa is not very difficult as long as you are a skilled professional.

Some jobs are easier to find than others, but it very much depends on which city you are looking for a job in. Some countries have more vacancies in tech-related jobs, and some countries have more jobs in business sectors. We will discuss all that in detail in this article.

Is it hard to get a job in Africa?

It can be hard for you to get a job in Africa if you are a semi-skilled or inexperienced professional because, in such cases, Most African countries prefer their locals over an inexperienced or partially skilled individual. Still, if you are fully skilled and meet the specific qualification criteria, then it is not difficult at all.

Can Americans work in Africa?

Every country in Africa has its own specific requirements, but yes Americans can work in Africa. You will have to get a work permit or visa to live and work there temporarily or permanently.

In-Demand Jobs in Africa for US citizens:

There are many jobs in Africa that a US citizen can choose to do, but some jobs are more in demand and high-paying than others. We have shortlisted some jobs from different fields for you to understand what sort of jobs and vacancies are available in Africa.

1. Banking and Finance

Business class in Africa has grown a great deal over the past few years, resulting in Africa’s banking sector’s growth. The consumer class is also increasing, and the governments have been letting private banks operate more and more effectively; thus, it is highly predicted that there will be more vacancies in this growing banking and finance department.

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If you are skilled and experienced in such fields, including stock brokers, financial advisory, insurance, financial management or banking. You have a great chance of quickly getting a good-paying job with a safe future.

2. Agriculture

Fifteen per cent of Africa’s GDP relies on its Agriculture Sector, making it the largest economic sector in the continent. Even still, research shows that the production potential of this land is larger than its current output.

So, there’s still a need for improvement; for that, they need skilled and experienced individuals locally or from foreign countries. If you are someone with a degree related to agriculture, whether it’s farming journalism, food production, agricultural sales or Agriculture business, then you should definitely apply for jobs in Africa because this is a flourishing market in Africa with huge scope. The highest-paying jobs in the Agricultural department are for Agricultural engineers.

3. Information, Communication and Technology

Africa has the highest mobile usage in the world, and a big portion of Africa’s economy is driven by the ICT department. The technological infrastructure in Africa is not so great but with time, it has been getting better, and more and more people are investing in this sector as it is growing rapidly.

Africa is in shortage of and is looking for Software developers, Data science engineers and other tech-related professionals. The demand for such professionals is on the rise, and thus jobs in the ICT department are one of the most high-paying jobs in the whole continent.

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4. Entrepreneurship

If you have a degree in economics, Accounting or business, you can take the entrepreneurship route in Africa. It has one of the world’s biggest markets. Your success in this journey would depend on your unique business idea and how much it resonates with the locals. In the past years, the number of young entrepreneurs has been rising.

According to an international report, the highest number of young entrepreneurs have been from sub-Saharan Africa. Zambia and Nigeria, both African countries, were leading the world ranking.

5. Entertainment

Many musicians, Actors and Filmmakers from Africa have made it to the international market in recent years, and their work has been praised in all parts of the world. In Nigeria’s film market, Nollywood quite amazingly produces around 50 movies weekly, which is more than Hollywood.

According to UN’s Africa Renewal online, they make $590 million annually, which shows how big of a market it is in Nigeria. There are increasingly private channels and platforms for people to showcase their talents or for businessmen to invest in. This industry requires imaginative and skilled professionals; if you are one of those, you have a great chance of excelling in this massively growing market.

6. Transportation and Logistics

The economy of Africa has been on its way to being stable, it has been getting better with every passing year, and more and more businesses are being established thus, it is about time that the focus shifts towards transportation because there’s so much work that needs to be done in this sector. The roads, rail system and transport networks are not up to the mark.

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Logistic infrastructure can prove to be the driving factor in the continent’s economic growth in the coming year by providing more employment. This is, of course, a vast field, and everyone from a truck delivery driver to a local bus driver to a business owner is a part of it which means you can be skilled in any of these fields and find jobs in this department with quite an ease.

7. Tourism

A job in the tourism sector in Africa would be a dream job for many. In Africa, it is a booming industry with so much to offer. It contributes to almost 9 per cent of the continent’s GDP. Travel agencies, Airlines, Hotels, restaurants and other local transportation services are part of this huge industry.

Africa, for the most part, is still considered a hidden gem as most people haven’t seen much of what it offers, so this industry will only go up from here. If you are a professional with a degree in tourism and hospitality management, you should definitely try your luck and be a part of what might be the biggest tourism market in the world in the coming years.


In conclusion, there are many opportunities for US citizens in Africa, including; banking and finance, agriculture, IT, entrepreneurship, and tourism.


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