Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Africa in 2023

After completing your education, everyone wishes to apply their theoretical knowledge into practical life. For this purpose, they search for a job that suits best for their needs and education qualification. Ideally, one should find a job that he loves instead of what he needs. Because if someone loves his job, it eventually becomes his passion.

How to look for a Job

If you are looking for a job, you must follow a certain course of action and not only search on the internet in different search engines. Yes, these search engines would certainly help you out, but before doing that you must be clear about your required job along with your qualifications and interests.


Recently a trend has risen that people choose to work what they love, not what they have learnt for in colleges and universities. Therefore, it is recommended that to find a job at which you can excel and last longer, you must jot down your fields of interests. These interests can be a single field or a number of them depending upon skill set and educational qualifications.


While finding a job one must be cautious to look for a job that is in demand around most parts of the world. This should also be kept in mind that the scope of a job can be different in different areas of the globe.

Location of Job

Depending upon the demand and scope of a job, the selection of location must be done. It should be considered that the location that you select must be reviewed through your acquaintances or least through web sources.

Job Description

After carefully enlisting and narrowing down to your desired jobs, you should always read the job description carefully. This would tell you what is needed out of you in that job and would give you a clear idea of what to expect of that job.

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Searching for High Demand Jobs in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the world. It is full of multiple resources, which makes Africa a marketplace with many opportunities for skillful people. Unlike other parts of the world, Africa is the place where you can find a job easily with higher pay scales because of the potential it carries in many different fields.

Covid-19 has also hit African countries and their economies have seen a sudden dip. However, African countries are trying to cope up with the world’s advancing requirements and for this, they have also invited many well-known companies to establish their plants in Africa. This not only would help in improving their economic growth but also would generate job opportunities.

Lifestyle vis-a-vis Jobs in Africa

Because of the weak economic situation, African countries are on average expensive to live in, even with higher wages. But there still are some countries in Africa, where lifestyle is less expensive along with attractive incomes. These countries include Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Kenya, Algeria, Uganda and Nigeria.

Attractive Jobs in African Countries

After surveying and deciding to pursue a career in Africa, you must think of getting a job which is in high demand over there. For your ease, some of them are enlisted below:

  • IT Jobs
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Banking Career
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Medical Jobs
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mining
  • Historian
  • Archaeology Jobs
  • Entrepreneur
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1. IT Jobs

Information Technology has taken the world by storm. Software companies are focused on incorporating IT in everything that we use. These IT jobs are but not restricted to Software Development, Data Analysis, Data Management and Security. All of these jobs are high in demand and are well paid jobs.

The average salary comes out to be $100k – $120k.

3. Sales and Marketing jobs

Being a large population, Africa is a potential market that provides good opportunities to the persons looking to launch their products. All you need to have is good marketing skills and you can shape your career in multinational companies operating in Africa.

The average salary is $95k – $110k.

3. Banking Career

Banking is one of the professions, progressing since ancient history. Its scope and demand is a never fading aspect. Due to the economic situation in Africa, a career in banking can be very beneficial for you.

The average salary is $92k – $107k.

4. Wildlife Photography

Africa is a wildlife rich region, which provides a wide opportunity for people looking for a career in the wildlife category. Wildlife photography is one of them, it is full of adventures and surprises. If you love animals, then this job is for you.

The average salary is $90k – $104k.

5. Medical Jobs

Africa is a region where the ratio of disease is higher than other diagnose and cure these diseases medical practitioners and researchers are in a high demand .If you are looking for a job in the medical field you must choose Africa to pursue it.

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The average salary is $88k – $108k.

6. Pharmaceuticals

Like every other country, African countries have huge pharmaceutical scope because demand for medicine production is very high. To cope up with the need of medicine, drug researching, drug designing, drug testing, professionals like pharmacist, microbiologist, biotechnologist are in high demand.

The average salary is $84k – $104k

7. Mining

Africa is famous in the world for gold, silver and diamond mines. Mining jobs have a huge potential in Africa. A mining engineer or a person who has some skills in mining can have good job opportunities in Africa and can earn well.

The average salary is $82k – $112k

8. Historian

African countries have a rich history, some of it is buried in the sands of Egypt while some is displayed in the form of ancient infrastructures. These also attract people from worldwide to visit these places and study the history.

The average salary is $80k – $100k.

9. Archaeology Jobs

Due to enriched history, Africa has a vast potential for the Archaeologists. Those who love to research the mummies of humans as well as the skeletons of animals discovered from under the ground and the sea have great chance to excel here.

The average salary is $78k – $96k.

10. Entrepreneur

African countries are a great marketplace and an open playground for entrepreneurs. These countries dearly welcome the people who want to invest there. So, if you are an entrepreneur and thinking of starting a business, Africa is your place.

The average salary is $75k – $95k.


I hope you get what you are searching for in this article.

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