South Africa Digital nomad visa – Application and Eligibility

South Africa is a beautiful country located in the continent of Africa. The weather here is awesome, its beaches are spectacular, the wildlife is unique and its food is so rich in taste. Owing to the so many reasons mentioned here, this country is a must go place for everyone out there.

Due to its exclusive environment and incredible landscape, it has been capturing the attention of tourists from all around the world. For exploring classic scenery of Africa and to satisfy one’s wanderlust, this country offers something extra ordinary to its visitors.

A lot of attraction is here for the people working remotely and for the digital nomads. Not only it offers a classic scenery and unique ecosystem its visitors, it is also a hub of rich culture and different attractive languages. Just like so many other countries, the COVID-19 pandemic hit its tourism hard and it declined to a great extent. But now, they are looking towards recouping their losses and have decided to introduce Digital nomad visa. One of the reasons you will definitely want to live in South Africa is its affordable living. The cost of living here is highly reasonable and if you want to enjoy all the facilities it is recommended to live in the South African cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town.

What is Digital Nomad visa?

A Digital nomad visa is a Remote Work visa for the people working distantly. It allows the workers to work remotely in a legal way in some country other than the one they are permanently residing in.

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Eligibility to get South Africa Digital nomad visa

Eligibility criteria for getting South Africa nomad visa has been made really simple by the government. In order to apply, a person is required to be a job holder or own a business outside of that country where one is holding a visa. Or one should be self-employed or freelancer working for the clients outside the resident country.

There are no nationality restrictions so far and people from all over the world including the ones from Nomad visa countries can apply for Remote Work visa online without any hassle.

Just like other Nomad visa countries, the South Africa Digital nomad visa will require a minimum salary to be declared at the time of application. The amount has not been disclosed so far but it has been estimated that the minimum salary requirement would be $3000 per month.

Though the details are yet to come, it is said that the Remote Work visa requirement would also include the proof of medical insurances.

Mostly the Digital nomad visas are valid for a year and after that renewal option can be availed. That means it is possible for a digital nomad to reside for two to three years in a country.

Documents required to apply for South Africa Digital Nomad Visa:

  • Proof of being self-employed or freelancing
  • Proof of monthly income
  • A valid passport of the country one is residing in
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Proof of somewhere to stay


In order to be eligible to apply for South Africa Remote Work visa, following are the Visa requirements known so far:

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1. A valid passport

That means at the time of applying for Digital nomad visa, like all other Nomad visa countries, you must be having a valid passport with you.

2. Proof of working remotely

You are required to prove that you are working remotely through different contractors.

3. Minimum income

According to the information known so far, the minimum income to apply for South Africa Digital nomad visa is $3000.

4. Health insurance coverage

You are required to give a proof of your health insurance coverage while residing in South Africa.

5. Accommodation proof

You are required to give proof either online booking or lease, to show the place where you are going to live in South Africa.

6. Timeline for the application

The timeline for applying for Digital nomad visa has not yet confirmed as it is a recently launched program. We will update you as soon as the information will be disclosed.  So, stay tuned.

Application procedure

Following are the anticipated steps and Visa requirements for South Africa as offered by other Nomad visa countries.

  • Prepare all the documents listed in the section of “Documents required to apply for South Africa Digital nomad visa” above.
  • Find and book an appointment with the South African embassy or consulate in your country.
  • Payment of Digital nomad visa fee is the next step but the amount is still not known. We will update you as soon as the South African government announces the exact visa fee.
  • After paying wait fee you will be required to wait for final approval. But the time duration has not been known yet. Stay tuned for more updates.
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Benefits of living in South Africa as a digital nomad

You can enjoy the following benefits after getting South Africa Digital nomad visa:

1. Affordable cost of living

As compared to so many other Digital Nomad visa countries, South Africa offers quite an affordable living. If you have a family of four members, your average expense per month would expectedly be $1900. This does not include the house rent for sure.

2. Exclusive foodstuff

You can find an exclusive variety of foodstuff here being inspired by so many nationalities. Their taste is unique and flavorful.

3. Spectacular sceneries

South Africa has been a hotspot for tourists owing to its unique and magnificent sceneries and landscapes. There is something for everyone in this country. Different types of wildlife present here also attract so many people to get Tourist visa for South Africa.

You can find a rich culture here in South Africa. So getting a Digital nomad visa is surely the thing you want to do. Although some details are still pending, but the government will make sure to offer the easiest possible ways to get Remote Work visa for the ones interested in it. So, if you want to learn more information about getting South Africa Digital nomad visa, stay tuned.

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